When & Why to change AHU Filters regularly?

When & Why to change AHU Filters regularly?

Filters improve air quality in the air handling units. It’s one of the mandatory and most important components. Filters come in many types depending on the application and type of contaminants they are designed to trap. 

Regular filter replacement helps in the proper Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) level maintenance with comfortable room climate conditions ensuring a clean environment. Filter performance may affect IAQ in many ways. Poorly maintained filters with inadequate seals and breaches in the filter media promote the passage of contaminants into the occupied spaces and also affecting the airflow rate in turn affecting HVAC system performance. 

For any technology advanced products, the key attribute is to keep the system running effectively and with efficient performance. With no replacement or no periodic replacement of filter reduces the life span of the AHU and the entire HVAC system.

Filters in HVAC systems should be changed according to the typical schedule or even left in place longer than normal.

Poorly maintained filtration system leads to an increase in operation cost with effecting Indoor Air Quality.

The frequency of filter replacement varies from application to an application. Generally, the filter can be replaced:

* When observed Clogging in the Filters

* The Poor performance of the HVAC system

* Increase in the pressure drop across the filters due to buildup of contaminants

* Physical monitoring of filter and HVAC system on regular basics with the performance check.

More importantly, filter the selection at the time of the HVAC system set up in any application to be made considering the need and the usage of the particular area. Discuss with your products or sales team to select the relevant filter type and visit our eShop to buy filters for your VTS make VENTUS Air Handling Units.

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