The equipments offered are covered by warranty under proper use, for faulty material or workmanship for twelve months from the date of dispatch.

Purchaser shall inform supplier in writing of any defect in equipment noticed during warranty period. On receipt of purchaser’s written notice, supplier shall at his option replace or repair free of cost, equipment supplied by him. Purchaser shall not return the equipment to supplier before receiving supplier’s confirmation to this defect. The equipment in such cases shall be returned to our works on freight to pay basis. The guarantee under this cause is subject to conditions that purchaser shall not have subjected the equipment to alteration, addition or repair by anyone except supplier or his authorized representative .Motor/VFD burnout due to voltage /frequency fluctuation or any electrical disorder at your end will not be covered under warranty. Complaints concerning apparent defects and deviations within delivery must be made within 24 hours within the delivery of the goods.


Equipment shall be tested as per the standard practice of manufacturer .Additional tests if required by purchaser shall be subject to supplier’s confirmation and acceptance of extra charges by the Purchaser.

Performance figures

The dimensions given are subject to manufacturing tolerance. Further, the technical data and performance figures are subject to tolerance as per the relevant standards. In case of inspection of equipment in CKD condition by purchaser prior to delivery/ dispatch seven days advance notice shall be given by the supplier. On successful completion of inspection, the purchaser’s representative shall issue an acceptance certificate and also dispatch clearance at our works. In the event of inspection not being carried out the scheduled date, the supplier reserves the right to dispatch such equipment which shall be deemed to have been duly inspected and approved. Supplier shall however furnish copies of test certificate and payment shall fall due as per the agreed terms. In such an event no other liability shall occur to the supplier except under warranty cause.

Settlement of disputes

Any dispute or difference or claim arising out of or in relation to this transaction including construction, validity, performance or breach failing amicable settlement shall be referred to arbitration under laws of the United Arab Emirates and shall be subjected to Jurisdiction of courts in Dubai.

No other warranties / Guarantees

We, VTS Clima LLC to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law disclaim all warranties / guaranties either expressed or imped (including but not limited to impede warranty / guaranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose), other than what is expressly stated in this Agreement / order confirmation.

No Liability for damages:

We , VTS Clima LLC shall to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law , in no event be liable for any damages what so ever including without limitation, special incidental, consequential , direct or indirect damages , for personal injury, loss of business profits, business interruptions , loss of or inability to use the products/ equipment/systems.

Force Majeure

The following causes which substantially affect the stipulated delivery of the equipment /material against our order shall only be considered as Force Majeure condition.

“Natural phenomenon including floods , earthquakes , epidemic , devastating fire, war declared / undeclared or was like situation , rot , civil commotion and / or acts of government / storm/sabotaged /Embargo by government.

To establish the delay occurred due to the above reasons, the buyer shall be informed with seven days in writing. VTS shall not be liable for any losses, damages or penalties occasioned by late performance, nor for any deviations in performance due to fires, strikes, labor disputes, supplier delay, government actions, acts of nature or any other condition beyond the control of VTS Clima LLC.