Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all sales as well as offers and agreements with regards to supply of equipment and other services.

All other terms and conditions submitted to VTS Clima LLC shall not be applicable unless accepted in writing by VTS.

Basis of Price:

  • The prices quoted are in UAE Dirhams and are Ex- works and or supply only unless otherwise agreed.
  • Risk in the goods passes to the customer upon loading of goods onto the transport vehicle for delivery and ownership of goods shall transfer to the customer upon full payment.
  • Freight shall be extra at actual.
  • Unless otherwise specifically confirmed by us to the contrary, start up support will be provided on chargeable basis as terms stated in annexed “General Terms and Conditions for Deputation of Personnel”.
  • Installation, Testing and commissioning shall not be a part of our scope of supply.

Other Terms

The price included herein only covers the price of the equipment and does not include start up or any other services unless specifically mentioned by VTS.

Delivery period shall be reckoned from the date of receipt by supplier from purchaser’s commercial order placed on site.

In case delivery/dispatch of material by supplier is delayed for reason of purchaser not have given to supplier , instructions for delivery/dispatch of material, the date of supplier’s notice to purchaser, of readiness of material for dispatch/delivery shall be deemed to be the contractual date of delivery. In such event, agreed payment due on delivery shall be made forthwith by purchaser on supplier’s request.

The delivery period quoted by us is in good faith and is subject to the Force majeure condition.

Terms of Payment

You can choose from the following options to pay for your orders.

Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard,)