Air curtain WING C150 AC Dark (RAL7016)

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  • Product Code: 1-4-2801-0306
1,698.00 AED

Air curtain without heating (cold)

maximum width of a single door for one device1.5m
maximum height of the door4m
maximum exhaust flow rate3200 m3/h
weight31 kg

The next in size among our 3 air curtains(AC Motor) is the 1.5 meter Air Curtain WING C150. It is very suitable for entrances with a door width of 1.5 meters or less. This WING model is a right fit for medium-sized doors and is widely used in pharma companies, retail chains, function halls, small office entrances, shopping centres in malls etc. The air curtain prevents dust, insects, or unpleasant smells from mixing with the indoor air keeping your customers happy.

While keeping the noise level at a minimum, this air curtain comes at a reasonable price reducing the expenses. The air curtain is made to support all small and medium entrepreneurs and their business structure.