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29 Apr VOLCANO heater – an ideal heating solution for a car workshop
Michal 0 322
Car workshops, due to their specific nature, require suitable heating.Entrance gates that are widely and often open cause rapid cooling of the rooms, while their high altitude, necessary to accommodat..
26 Apr New pump groups available at eShop VTS
Michal 0 10510
Standardisation and optimisation are two principles that VTS has always been following. In order to implement these assumptions, in every aspect of the functioning of our organisation we are looking f..
25 Apr Spring is in The Air. Order new filters and enjoy fresh and clean air!
Michal 0 132
Spring is the time of year that everyone associates with cleaning. Therefore it is also worth thinking about air handling units and their cleaning, especially after winter, which is a period of intens..
22 Apr VOLCANO supports development of flowers with its power
Michal 0 231
VOLCANO water heaters are used for heating various types of places, such as workshops, warehouses or shops, but they are also used in horticulture. An example of such use is Marek Mielewczyk's Horticu..
17 Mar Are the heating bills too high? It's time to HEATER!
Kamil 0 846
Is it cold in the church? Are the heating bills too high? It's time to install a VOLCANO heating unit.How can you quickly and efficiently heat a large cubic space in a place of worship? The specific u..
16 Mar Filters for compact air handling units in our offer!
Michal 0 371
We would like to inform and remind you that we offer filters for VENTUS compact AHUs, both standing and suspended. Searching for the right filters can be tedious, so we've added a new and improved ..
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