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23 Jan Energy-efficient heating of buildings
Michal 0 693
Energy-efficient heating with VOLCANO and WINGManagement of a facility's heating system is not limited to raising a room's temperature. The proper administration of the physical processes occurring in..
13 Dec Tech Espresso - New VOLCANO heating units
Michal 0 2565
Tech Espresso - Nowe nagrzewnice VOLCANOWe invite you to watch another video from the "Tech Espresso" series. This time we present new models of VOLCANO heating units. These are:VOLCANO VR4VOLCANO VR ..
04 Oct VOLCANO 2022 seasonal campaign
Michal 0 5715
We are pleased to announce that we are launching our annual promotional campaign for VOLCANO heating units. Due to the international reach of the campaign, covering virtually all of Europe, the US, Ca..
29 Aug NEW! A device that combines all features.
Michal 0 4810
A new feature in the VOLCANO family! Engineered for use with a heat pump system.In response to growing environmental awareness, the desire to reduce costs and the increasing popularity of low-temperat..
30 Jun STOP flying invadors
Michal 0 7742
STOP flying invadors!It's finally summer, which also means that the heat and humidity are inviting mosquitoes, flies and other insects to arrive. They are looking for the best opportunity to enter you..
31 May High speed and exceptional style
Michal 0
Cupra is a car whose name comes from Cup and Racing and emphasizes high speed, fierce competition, and exceptional style. The Spanish brand inflates the racing image through the cars, accessories, and..
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