VOLCANO VR-D AC destratification fan


Destratificator VOLCANO VR-D AC allows quickly reach heat comfort by supporting heating system with effective heat distribution.


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  • 3-year warranty (replacement of equipment for new);
  • the possibility of returning within 30 days.

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Similarly, as in the case of EC motor destratificator, the role of this unit is to distribute the air downwards inside the room. The product will guide hot air (which naturally migrates to the top part) towards a user-selected place at the bottom of the room. Consequently, the fan will considerably reduce the heating costs since once the air is heated, it will be continuously distributed inside the building.

VTS destratificator may be installed on the wall (at least at 3 of the room height) and on the ceiling.

The minimum number of destratificators should ensure 6 renewal cycles of the air above them in one hour.


Unit Volcano VR-D
unit heater row number  - -
maximum air discharge m3/h 6500
heating power range kW -
device weight (without water)  kg 22
maximum horizontal air reach m 28
maximum vertical air reach m 15


All Volcano destratificators produced (starting from week 5, 2019), are equipped with a set of 4 fasteners for ceiling mounting, allowing installation on mounting pins (mounting pins not included in the VTS supply)



The warranty for the devices and the automation shall be 3 years following the date when the devices were purchased by the Customer.