Pump group WPG.S-25-095-6.3


Pump group: weight 7.7 kg, rated power: 140W, 
rated current: 1.1A, valve flow coefficient: 6.3 kvs

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Pump groups - are ready to apply hydraulic control systems of water heater capacity, dedicated to cooperate with water heating coils used in VTS units. They complement the sales offer of VTS air handling units, ensuring optimal parameter adjustment of the complete system.
The key pump group components are: circulation water pump, three-way valve with actuator controlled by analog signal and mesh filter.


  • easy and intuitive selection of pump group
  • optimally matched technical parameters of particular components
  • eliminated of mistakes while connecting the water heater supplying system
  • easy and user-friendly connection to the heater and heat supply installatio
  • guaranteed optimal support of VTS control system and of proper electric matching of pump protection system
  • possibility of using a most effective heater anti-freeze protection system, based on return medium temperature monitoring, active also when air handling unit is off


Pump group type Pump group dimensions Connection diameter
L [mm] W [mm] H [mm] [inch]
WPG.S-25-095-6.3 490 150 200 1"


Type Weight Rated power
Rated current Valve flow coefficient
(kg) (W) (A) (kvs)
WPG.S - 25-095-6.3 7.7 140 1.1 6.3