Potentiometer with thermostat VR EC


Universal controller for VOLCANO heaters and DR and WING curtains.

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The device is used for manual and automatic control of rotational speed of fans in heating devices, such as heaters and air curtain, equipped with a suitable controller, adapted to this type of control signal. It is powered by 230V AC, therefore the housing must be closed and secured.

Three-position function switch:

  • A – analog output support,
  • 0-output deactivation,
  • A+T-support for analog output in the thermostat function

Range of applications: all-purpose controller for VOLCANO heaters and WING EC curtains.


Unit Description
power supply V AC 230 V AC ±10% / 50 Hz
operation potentiometer adjusting knob, thermostat potentiometer knob
output control signal V analogue 0-10 V
output load mA up to 10 mA 
thermostat regulation range C 5→30 C
working temperature range C 0 ... 60 C
additional equipment possibility to connect external NTC β3435K sensor C
protection class IP 30 (only for internal use)
mounting wall / surface
casing material ABS



The warranty for the devices and the automation shall be 3 years following the date when the devices were purchased by the Customer.