VR EC (0-10 V) potentiometer


0-10 V controller is a small electronic instrument designed to manually control the fan rotation speed in heating devices, such as heaters and air curtains equipped with an appropriate controller adapted to this type of control signal.

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The device is powered by 230V AC voltage, therefore the housing must be closed and secured. The controller can be opened only with the use of tools.

Range of applications: all-purpose controller for VOLCANO heaters and WING EC curtains.


Unit Description
power supply V AC 230 V AC ±10% / 50 Hz
operation potentiometer adjusting knob 
output control signal V analogue 0-10 V
output load mA up to 2 mA 
working temperature range C 0 ... 60 C
protection class IP 30
mounting wall / surface
casing material ABS



The warranty for the devices and the automation shall be 3 years following the date when the devices were purchased by the Customer.