Set WING W150 EC + HMI controller + valve + holders

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Unit W150
maximum width of a single door for one device m 1,5
maximum height of door m 3,7
heating output range kW 10-32
maximum flow rate m3/h 3100
weight  kg 36
EC motor power kW 0,18


HMI WING  is a control panel, dedicated for all types of WING EC curtains. It has an interface with RTU Modbus protocol for easy integration with building management systems (BMS). It is characterised by very easy and intuitive operation due to the comfortable, practical keypad and backlit screen. 

  • modern and compact design
  • high contrast and clear screen
  • advanced calendar for each day in the week
  • door sensor cooperation
  • BMS systems compatibility
  • preset 3-levels speed control 
  • build-in thermostat
  • 3-levels of heating power
  • up to 8 air curtains connected with the one controler


Unit Description
supply voltage V/Hz 1~230V +/-10%/50Hz
closing/opening time min 3/3 min
position without supply - closed
parameters of the working conditions °C 0…60°C


Unit Description
maximum pressure difference Pa 90kPa
kvs flow ratio m³/h 4,5m³/h
ambient temperature °C 0…60°C