Discount Program of the internet store

  1. The program may be participated by Customers with active accounts with the and those who accept the principles of its operations.
  2. The present discount program concerns purchases of products offered at the internet store at
  3. The program was launched 02.03.2018 and will be in place for an indefinite period.
  4. The discount threshold rates will be calculated from net prices.
  5. Subsequent discounts will be granted after the Customer exceeds a defined accumulated level of purchase. The graphics above shows the levels to be achieved in order to reach a given discount level.
  6. Accumulation will occur in a given calendar year and its value will not be transferred to the subsequent year. Therefore, the Customer who did not exceed the required level in a given calendar year, will remain on that level in the subsequent year and their pool of purchases will be reset.
  7. The program cannot be joined by Customers having special discounts.
  8. The store reserves the right to terminate the discount program at any time.