Your mindful step
into the future

It is a small step for the man,
but a giant leap for human kind
Neil Armstrong

What VTS Online
Academy is?

Recently VTS prepared a lot of valuable educational materials which were so far spread around the different media. From now all the materials will be easily available for you in one place - in our academy!

Why did we launch
VTS Academy?

Because we strongly believe that the clue of these days business is a strong knowledge and that our duty is to encourage our business partners to self-development.

We share with you our knowledge and experience just to give you confidence to take the mindful step into the future.

Watch our movies
and enjoy easy way to learn!

Wouldn't be helpful to have someone experienced next to you while connecting Volcano EC motor unit for the first time? From now our product manager will work with you hand by hand whenever you need his advice. Choose one of the topics you are interested in and enjoy our tutorials, expert interviews and promotional materials.

Visit our
know-how library

Know-how library is an easy to read package of articles, mostly about EC technology. There’s a bunch of crucial facts that will help you to make a conscious decision to follow "the green way", taking your customers with you.


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Check how quick and easy you may select heating unit to the building. App calculate all basic conditions, which influence users temperature comfort. What's you finally get is type and quantity of units that will meet clients expectations.