Air heaters

Volcano air heaters are heating facilities, designed for indoor installations at medium- or large-size premises. The unique casing of Volcano VR1/VR2, made of PPH plastic, is characterised by high impact strength, hardness and resistance to high temperatures and scratching. PPH ensures highly aesthetic appearance and easy cleaning as well as disinfection, what translates into excellent wear resistance, backed by the lifetime warranty for the casing.

The application of a dedicated assembly console allows for vertical or horizontal mounting of the unit (with its possible rotation in 0-120° plane). The vertical range of Volcano VR1/VR2 heaters is 12 m.


  • Quiet running
  • Failure-free operation
  • High efficiency
  • Hot water supplied
  • s
  • Integral part of modern heating systems
  • If used in medium and large cubic capacity buildings, it eliminates the problem of insufficient heating and negative impact of atmospheric conditions on the interior


  • 3 year warranty – during the warranty period, the unit is replaced with a new one.
  • Lifetime warranty for the enclosure.
  • High efficiency of the fan unit.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Easy and quick vertical and horizontal installation.
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Versatile application of VOLCANO heaters

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Check prices 30 days to return the product.