WING in Forum Gdańsk.

Published : 2019-05-09 10:27:43

Forum Shopping Centre is a modern urban space that seamlessly combines relaxation, shopping and entertainment.

It is also a place of cultural and social events that integrate the local community. The meeting space for the inhabitants of Gdańsk, diverse, creative, filled with energy, where everyone will find something for themselves.


The whole concept strongly refers to history – Forum was established on the historical trade zone of Gdańsk – Targ Sienny and Targ Rakowy markets.

The area of the investment was thoroughly examined by a team of archaeologists, which resulted in finds that will be placed in special cabinets displayed on the boulevard at the Radunia Canal. Until recently a neglected place, off the beaten track of the old town, it has come back to life to continue the trade traditions of Gdańsk.


In one of the elements of this commercial and entertainment puzzle – Billy's Restaurant – the WING air curtain cares for the guests' comfort from the very entrance.