We delivery heat for Europe.

Published : 2018-07-25 12:24:43

We supply our VOLCANO air heaters and WING air curtains to almost every corner of Europe. The same applies to the filters used in VENTUS air conditioning units. Their offer is available at eshop.vtsgroup.com.


For our Scandinavian customers, the most frequently offered product is the powerful VOLCANO VR 3 EC heater - this model works perfectly in snowy and cold places.

On the other hand, the customers from Western Europe are eager to choose WING air curtains that excellently care for thermal comfort and stand out with their design. Regardless of the place and weather conditions, we are able to adapt our devices to provide our clients with thermal comfort in all conditions - from hot Italy (cold air curtain WING), through moderate Eastern Europe (all WING and VOLCANO models) to eternal snow lands in Scandinavia (VOLCANO).

Check where exactly we send our devices. If you can’t find your country on the list, WRITE TO US, and we will try to deliver your order to the address indicated by you.