New VOLCANO VR-D MINI EC destratificator

Published : 2019-03-15 10:43:30

A new destratificator model is available in our online store – VOLCANO VR-D MINI EC.

The purpose of this type of device is to direct the warm air – which naturally rises up – downwards. This is particularly important in high rooms, where there is a problem of heat loss; it allows reducing the heat demand in a room.

Thanks to the use of the VOLCANO EC controller and the NTC temperature sensor, we will fully automate the operation of this device; the controller will ensure that excessively warm air does not stay in the upper levels.

Technical parameters - VOLCANO VR-D MINI EC
Max. Luftdurchsatz m3/h 2330
Max. Luftreichweite waagerecht m 16
Max. Luftreichweite senkrecht m 10
Gewicht der Anlage kg 8
Spannungsversorgung V/Hz 1~230/50
Motorleistung kW 0,095
Motor-Nennstrom A 0,51
Motordrehzahl rpm 1200
Schutzgrad des Motors IP 54