NEW CONTROLLER for the New Year!

Published : 2020-02-04 16:38:43

HMI WING/VOLCANO ECFrom January this year we offer a new HMI EC controller designed for convenient and precise operation of VOLCANO heaters and WING curtains.
HMI EC is an improved successor to the popular VOLCANO/WING EC controller and can be used as its replacement.
Made of the highest quality electronic materials, it is designed for continuous operation on a single-phase 230 V AC supply.
What distinguishes our new model from other market versions?

• modern and compact design
• legible and clear display
• advanced calendar of heating periods for each day of the week
• intuitive operation thanks to the convenient, practical touch keyboard
• compatibility with the BMS
• easy installation in a flush mounting box Ø60 mm
• up to 8 devices supported by one controller

Note! We offer the new controller at the same price!