Filters for compact air handling units in our offer!

Published : 2020-01-08 16:44:54

Filters for compact air handling units

We are pleased to announce that a new product has appeared in our offer – filters for compact air handling units!
Mini-Pleat filters are available (along with other filters) at:
Thus, from November this year, the VTS Group offers its Clients a full range of filters for all models of VENTUS AHUs.

For the sake of proper operation and durability of your devices, we offer filters at the best price on the market.

On our eShop website, you will also find a search engine that will help you easily choose the filters needed for a given AHU based on its serial number and redirect you to purchase them.

Do you need assistance with selection? – please contact us!
VTS employees are happy to provide technical and purchasing support.

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