Filter search engine – a new tool available in eShop VTS.

Published : 2019-08-26 08:26:33

At VTS, we try and optimise all processes and procedures, which translates into a constant increase in our efficiency. One of the goals that we have set for 2019 is to simplify purchasing processes in our eShop as much as possible. Therefore, at the beginning of August we have launched a filter search engine for VTS control units, which in a few seconds tells you what filters and in what quantity should be purchased for a given VENTUS unit.

Operation of the search engine is very simple:the customer simply enters the serial number of the unit in the appropriate field and clicks "FIND FILTERS". Then, the suitable filters and their amounts that should be used in the given device will appear on the screen.

The search engine also has the option of adding filters directly to the shopping cart, so the entire purchasing process is shortened by a few steps and a few precious minutes of our customers.

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