eShop VTS surprises with another novelty!

Published : 2019-04-04 10:38:54

In line with the expectations of our customers, following the return of the offer of heaters with AC motors, the time has come for a novum in the installation of VOLCANO devices. We are pleased to present another novelty in our online store – a set of 4 brackets for celling mounting the VOLCANO heater. We introduce this accessory to our range of accessories, because it allows easy and convenient ceiling mounting of all our heaters and destratificators. This solution proves to be particularly useful in the case of rooms where it is not possible to mount the heater on the wall. 

Thanks to it, the range of use of VOLCANO heaters is extended. Ceiling mounting will be ideally suited for the places where:

- placing it under the ceiling is aimed at preserving aesthetics,

- the building's construction requires it - it is not possible to mount it on the wall,

- utility functions of the building require such assembly.


The bracket set is the basic equipment for all destratificators produced by VTS (due to the nature of the device’s intended use).

Now you can also buy it for the assembly of other devices from the VOLCANO family.