Published : 2018-01-30 10:21:20

From the user point of view, the system’s most important task is to reduce costs of building operation, connected with electric and HVAC installations, and at the same time secure proper comfort.

Additionally, BMS allows for management of controllable building’s devices from one spot, without even the need to leave your desk. External management system means also the possibility of planning device work in a very precise and individualised way.

Management of WING EC and VOLCANO EC devices via one BMS system

To meet the growing demands, VTS equipped its devices with the possibility of connecting with building management systems (BMSs). Connection may be established via a controller, but also owing to introduction of EC motors directly into devices without the need for automation systems, which caters for reduction of investment costs. Both methods of communication with BMS employ MODBUS RTU protocol via RS485 bus. What is important, the usage of BMS makes it possible to program curtains and heaters — mounted in onebuilding or in, for example, few halls — from a single location.