Car workshops, due to their specific nature, require suitable heating.

Entrance gates that are widely and often open cause rapid cooling of the rooms, while their high altitude, necessary to accommodate the devices working there, increases the area that needs to be heated. Water heater are an ideal solution in such spaces. They can heat the room in a short time, directing warm air to selected areas of the workshop.  

An additional advantage of this type of solutions is dedicated automation, which allows the user to program the heater's operation calendar, so that it works only at specific time intervals during the week, which in turn allows for a significant reduction of costs (for example, in comparison to traditional radiators). Such solutions are used in heaters with EC motors, which are additionally characterised by lower power consumption than heaters with brush AC motors.

The ready sets of VOLCANO EC heaters offered in the VTS eShop can heat perfectly well any car workshop, while the intuitive selection program, available at EH CAD, will help in determining how many and what heaters will be needed to heat a given room. Should you have any questions or doubts, a team of professional advisers is waiting for you to contact them at