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10 Oct Fire up the heating season!
Michal 0 2833
Fire up the heating season!The winter is coming so we open the season for heating!Our heroes WING and VOLCANO remind us of the coming cold and the need to maintain appropriate temperatures. Ruthlessly..
03 Sep VTS starts the air curtains revolution ... again
Michal 0 4485
VTS starts the air curtains revolution ... again.Indeed the air curtains market changed at the beginning of 2021. Since March 1st, the long-awaited industrial air curtain WING PRO EC is on sale.We rem..
03 Sep New HMI Wifi controller
Michal 0 6451
A symbol of our times:New HMI Wifi controller operates VOLCANO unit heaters and WING air curtains with your mobile.The twenty-first century brings us the rapid development of wireless communications. ..
03 Sep Comfort and efficiency of work
Michal 0 3283
Comfort and efficiency of work.Workplace comfort increases the efficiency of employees. That is the proven fact! It also translates into safety and, as a result, reduction of labor costs.Consider when..
22 Jul How often should I change the air conditioning filter in school and kindergarten?
Michal 0 3888
How often should I change the air conditioning filter in school and kindergarten?Do you remember the last time the filters in the air handling unit in your school or kindergarten were replaced? The ho..
01 Jul No more compromises!
Michal 2 22362
WING air curtain in RAL7016 colourThe WING air curtain is a device whose purpose is to create an invisible barrier that separates environments with different air parameters, thanks to which it helps t..
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