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10 Feb Something about filters
Michal 0 7666
Something about filtersVTS GROUP – is a manufacturer of technically advanced equipment for HVAC industry, combining innovative technologies in the field of research&development, production and logisti..
27 Jan The Beast is coming from the North
Michal 0 4342
Better get ready before it's too late.Think the penetrating cold is over and it's only going to get warmer? Unfortunately not yet. Our sources say you better get ready for the return of the frosty bea..
16 Dec Remote control
Michal 0 6906
Episode 3: Adventures VOLCANO & WING - Remote control..
01 Dec VTS - Instal Partner
Michal 0 1942
The programme was created by VTS and is intended for entities purchasing and assembling VTS products in the territory of the Republic of Poland and which are not bound by any commercial cooperation wi..
25 Nov Quality check
Michal 0 3719
Episode 2 -Adventures VOLCANO & WING - Quality check..
25 Oct Dream Island amusement park ventilation system supported by VTS Group units
Michal 0 586
Dream Island amusement park ventilation system supported by VTS Group units.VTS Group supplied over 250 air handling units and 50 heating units to Dream Island amusement park. The total air volume of ..
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