A new feature in the VOLCANO family! Engineered for use with a heat pump system.

In response to growing environmental awareness, the desire to reduce costs and the increasing popularity of low-temperature heat sources, particularly heat pumps, we are expanding the VOLCANO family of water heaters with two new types of heating devices:

Heat pumps are a source of medium with a much lower heating medium temperature in relation to traditional boilers. This is an important aspect of selecting the right device. The flow rate, air capacity and, perhaps more importantly, the number of rows of the water exchanger play a major role. The collection area, the heat exchange. VOLCANO VR4 fan heater is equipped with a highly efficient 4-row water exchanger, designed and adapted to cooperate with heat pumps. The design of the exchanger enables reverse operation with the function of heating rooms in winter and cooling them in summer.

The most popular heating system solution on the market are air-to-water heat pumps, which are mainly used in facilities with small cubic capacity. In order to meet the demand, we have created VOLCANO VR MINI 3 heater, in which the 3-row water exchanger is used, effectively cooperates with the heat pump while guaranteeing the compact size of the device itself.

The increased row capacity of the exchanger makes the VR4 a device that is also well suited for reverse operation, i.e. as a cooling device for air supplied with ice water.

In order to increase the comfort of users using VOLCANO units for cooling purposes, a drip tray is introduced for draining the condensate generated during the condensation process on the water heat exchanger. Drip trays are dedicated to:

Like the existing heaters, the VR4 and VR Mini 3 will also be available in two motor versions. With three-speed AC motors and with brushless energy-efficient EC motors:

The motors used in the new units are the same as those used in the VOLCANO VR3 and VOLCANO VR Mini. Therefore, it is not connected to the necessity of applying new automatics elements, and the principle of connecting the heaters is the same as in the case of the remaining devices.

Many investors and facility administrators use hybrid systems in order to maximise the protection of facilities from external conditions. These use both ground-source heat pumps and traditional heating boilers. This significantly reduces heating costs when external conditions allow the full potential of the heat pumps to be exploited. During periods of severe frost, the heating system protects the building from overcooling with a traditional boiler that can effectively support or replace the heat pump.

It should be emphasised that the universal character of VOLCANO heaters makes it possible to cooperate with such a hybrid heat source, adjusting operating parameters to the temperature of the heating medium and the current needs of the facility.

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