STOP flying invadors!

It's finally summer, which also means that the heat and humidity are inviting mosquitoes, flies and other insects to arrive. They are looking for the best opportunity to enter your business, home or warehouse to make your life miserable. The effectiveness of WING air curtains is proven. By creating an invisible barrier, they stop insect infestations and also prevent them from ruining your budget. WING air curtains can offer the protection you need in three versions:

We invite you to take a look at our offer and compare us with our competitors. As a manufacturer, we can guarantee the highest quality and performance.iera zatrzymuje kurz i owady na zewnątrz.

Sklep internetowy oferuje kurtyny powietrze WING w dwóch wersjach kolorystycznych. Tradycyjna i uniwersalna biel RAL9016 oraz coraz częściej stosowany w budownictwie przemysłowym szary antracyt RAL7016.