We would like to inform and remind you that we offer filters for VENTUS compact AHUs, both standing and suspended.
Searching for the right filters can be tedious, so we've added a new and improved one filters and parts finder. Enter the serial number of the control panel, exactly in the format shown on the label, e.g. X-XXX-XX-XXXXX-XXXXX 
The search result is the correct filter together with the quantity installed in your air handling unit. Not only that, the search engine also lists spare parts available in the store and, of course, installed in the air handling unit.

Ordering the necessary filters just got easier!

Filters used in air-conditioning units due to their proper function, i.e. cleaning air and their regular replacement extend the life of the control panel itself by providing protection against contamination that may lead to their malfunction or damage. Depending on the class, the filters can be used as final filters in ventilation and air-conditioning systems of rooms with average air purity requirements (filters of the class G4M5) or as pre-filters in rooms with high cleanliness requirements (filters of class F7 i F9).

You will find all filters available on the website of our e-shop HERE

In the interests of the proper operation and life of your devices, we offer filters at the best price and quality on the market.
On the website of our e-shop you will find the above-mentioned search engine, which, based on the serial number, will easily help you choose filters and parts needed for a given headquarters and enable efficient purchase.
Do you need help with the selection? - feel free to contact us!