Energy-efficient heating with VOLCANO and WING

Management of a facility's heating system is not limited to raising a room's temperature. The proper administration of the physical processes occurring in our surrounding environment is essential to maximize the use of accumulated heat, minimize its loss and reduce operating expenses.

The VTS product offer allows users to heat and fully secure thermal comfort in any facility. VOLCANO water heaters quickly and efficiently raise the air temperature, even when a low-temperature heating medium is used.  Dedicated heaters to work with low-temperature media:

In addition, the heaters are supported by the operation of  VOLCANO VR-D  destratifiers. Their task is to move warm air down, (i.e. air which is accumulated just under the ceiling) into the usable space to use the previously generated heat once again. Air curtains protect doors and gates to reduce heat loss and maximally reduce heating costs. WING  and air curtains for special tasks, industrial WING PRO  make it possible to significantly reduce air exchange between the outdoor and indoor environments and stop dirt and insects from entering the room.

An entire VTS heating system can reduce the facility's heating cost by up to 30%. 

We invite you to watch the animation, which presents the above-described processes.